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7th International Dietary Fibre Conference 2018

"Fibre Diversity in Food, Fermentation and Health"

Rotterdam, Netherlands 4-6 June 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

DF18 continues the highly successful series of the 3-yearly DF Conferences starting from DF2000 (Dublin) till DF15 (Paris): integration of nutritional and consumer science with food technology, product development, analysis and legal aspects. DF18, organized by ICC, Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and TNO, is the occasion where scientists, regulators and industry representatives from all over the world can meet in a unique location where participants can develop new ideas while drawing inspiration from the dynamic city of Rotterdam – less than 30 train-minutes from Amsterdam Airport

DF18 covers all sources of dietary fibre and their diversity regarding impact on food structure, the human gut microbiome and health, including state-of-the art reviews by authoritative speakers and updates on new developments in major international projects. DF18 therefore offers a wide forum for all disciplines and industrial sectors involved in the research, exploitation and utilization of dietary fibre. A rich table top exhibition of products, and scientific tools contributes to giving the participants a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in the field of dietary fibre.

We look forward to welcoming you to Rotterdam!

  • Michaela Pichler

    Michaela Pichler


  • Jan Willem van der Kamp

    Jan Willem

    van der Kamp


  • Jurriaan Mes

    Jurriaan Mes


  • Henk Schols

    Henk Schols


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Scientific Committee

Jan Willem van der Kamp, TNO/WUR, the Netherlands

Jurriaan Mes, Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands

Henk Schols, Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands

Knud Erik Bach Knudsen, Aarhus University, Denmark

Charles Brennan, Lincoln University, New Zealand; South China University of Technology, China

Fred Brouns, Maastricht University, the Netherlands

Marina Carcea, CREA-AN, Italy

Jan Delcour, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Louise Dye, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Barry McCleary, Megazyme, Ireland; University of Sidney, Australia

Kati Katina, University of Helsinki, Finland

Hamit Köksel, Hacettepe University of Technology, Turkey

Yolanda Sanz, IATA, Spain; NDA Panel, EFSA, European Union

Luc Saulnier, INRA, France

Frank Schuren, TNO, the Netherlands

Joanne Slavin, University of Minnesota, USA

Organising Committee

Michaela Pichler, International Association for Cereal Science and Technology, Austria

Jan Willem van der Kamp, TNO/WUR, the Netherlands

Jurriaan Mes, Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands

Henk Schols, Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands

Marcella Gross-Varga, International Association for Cereal Science and Technology, Austria

Sabine Gratzer, International Association for Cereal Science and Technology, Austria

Industrial Advisory Board

Jan Willem van der Kamp, TNO/WUR the Netherlands

Anne Fischer, J. Rettenmaier & Söhne, Germany

Maria Stewart, Ingredion, USA

Elaine Vaughan, Sensus, the Netherlands

Local Planning Committee


Fred Brouns, Maastricht University

Edith Feskens, Wageningen University and Research

Kees de Graaf, Wageningen University and Research

Jan Willem van der Kamp, TNO/WUR

Jurriaan Mes, Wageningen University and Research

Stefano Renzetti, Wageningen University and Research

Henk Schols, Wageningen University and Research

Frank Schuren, TNO

Koen Venema, Maastricht University

Impressions from Dietary Fibre 2015

About the Organisers

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